What is Premio tools?  


Innovative, high-performance and reliable precision tools for the cutting industry, coupled with a comprehensive range of services, form the foundations of Premio-tools GmbH. With more than 18,000 articles, customers have a rounded portfolio.


We maintain high standards with regards to development, production, sales and service around machining tools with a very good price/ performance ratio.



Why Choose Premio tools?  


The rapid development of CNC-controlled machines requires ever-increasing demands of the tools and machining strategies. Premio tools offers you a comprehensive range of cutting tools that meet these challenges.  


Materials such as INOX, INCONEL, HASTELOY, TITAN, MONEL, HARDOX, TOOLOX, nickel, Graphite, AL> 6% SI, GRP, Hardened steels, Glass, Glass fever, Plexiglass ... require appropriate tool geometries and coatings.  

Premio tools are very strong in the PM, VHM, CBN, PCD, ceramics, but also in the HSS and HSCO standard.  

All articles are manufactured according to DIN standard and similar DIN.



What are the Advantages of Premio tools versus the Competition?  


The company's own product development, in cooperation with various manufacturers, enables a high degree of flexibility, high quality and technical know-how with short delivery times.

Premio tools are given an easy-to-read label with an indication of the application area. (Premio UNI ...)  


The product portfolio includes not only cutting tools, but also other interface products such as tool holders, fixtures and devices as well as a comprehensive repair service. In addition to short machining times, this service guarantees regrinding with the original geometries and coatings for nearly 100% of the performance of new tools.  


To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer an extensive catalog with detailed technical information on the use of the tools, as well as comprehensive technical and customer service support. We also provide a consultation service to answer any customer in-production questions, production analysis, and the introduction of series.



How to find the right tool?  


With our key words, you can quickly find the right tool for your application.  

The more questions you answer, the more precisely the tools are sorted. Select a tool and you will get more detailed information on application areas and dimensions.  

If you are registered as a customer you have the possibility to view prices and usage data and can order online quickly and easily.



Premio technology:  


The perfect combination of cutting material, geometry and coating determine the properties of a tool. The large number of different machining operations and the high demands on the optimal production of workpieces require a great deal of know-how in the development, manufacture and coating of the tools.  


Premio-tools therefore uses only high-quality cutting materials, which are produced with technologically demanding cutting geometries and specially adapted coatings, in order to guarantee an optimal machining results and high performance.  


In our catalog you will find, in addition to the products, the corresponding application examples and application parameters. This allows you to quickly and easily select the right tool.  


Should you have any further technical questions, or if you have a consultation regarding our product portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you with the right tool selection and cutting parameters.

During consultation on-site support and the introduction of series are also possible, in order to optimize your customer support.


Use our experience in the development of tools and surprise your customers with a fast, reliable and inexpensive solution in the field of special tools.  




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